Technical information

Stage information pack 2010

Stage Dimensions:

Pros arch opening: 9.40M (30’8”)
Height of pros: 6.40M (20’9”)
Depth of apron: 2.50M (8’2”)
Depth of stage (including apron): 8.40M (27’6”)
Width of stage (including wings): 12.94M (42’5”)
Width of stage right wings: 1.2M (3’11”)
Stage left wings continue into the loading bay.

Any other dimensions required available on request to the Technical Manager.

We have 4 bars upstage for use with back-cloths, 1 bar just upstage of the pros arch, and 1 bar just upstage of the mid stage tabs. All of our bars are rated to 100 kilos.

Length: 9.15M (30’)
Max flying height: 7.3M (23’11”)

All of our bars are standard 48mm aluminium tube

Extra bars may be available at a cost of approx £80 per bar. If you require any extra points they must be discussed with the Technical Manager no later than 3 weeks before the date of the production.

We also have extra black legs and borders available if required.

Lighting Rig

We have 3 main lighting positions and 2 side lighting positions. We have 2 lighting bars over the stage and one lighting truss front of house.

The front of house truss has 18 channels and is usually set up to accommodate a 4 colour wash and 4-6 specials. Over the stage we have a bar near the pros (LX1) which has 6 channels and is usually set with a 4 colour wash. On our upstage bar (LX2/CYC) we keep a 4 colour wash with room to expand with specials as required, and a 3 colour wash on the cyc. We also have 2 side lighting bars front of house, which have 6 channels over the bars (paired each side) which are rigged with 6 par 64s in a range of colours.

We also have 6 circuits available on stage level from the cage in the scene dock. Please note that all of our channels are 2 kilowatt rated.

We also have a large stock of grelcos, TRS and DMX cables, along with a range of lighting gel (mainly Lee filters). If you require a specific colour, please contact the Tivoli Technical Manager.

We also have 2 Robert Juliat “Foxie” 750w MSR follow-spots available on request. Please be aware that these are subject to a small recharge.

For touring sound systems we have either 16A 32A or 63A single phase feeds, or even a 32A 3 phase feed.
Sound system:

We have 2 systems available, either a 2K system using 4 Martin W2 speakers along with 2 unbranded subs, or a 7.5K Proel system. We use a Spirit 24 channel mixing desk and have CD/Minidisk players available, along with reverb unit, effects unit, and 2 channels of compression.

For touring sound systems we have either 16A 32A or 63A single phase feeds, or even a 63A 3 phase feed.

If you require any further information on anything in this information pack please contact the Technical Manager, Kyle Best, on 01202 849103 or 07789718656.